Sergeant Scooper has been in business since 2007 and is fully insured, bonded and licensed for your assurance that we can offer you the best service possible.  We service most of northern metro Atlanta. So if you live in Paulding, Cobb, north Fulton, DeKalb, and Gwinnett counties we can most likely offer you service. 

Everyone today is concerned about time.  Having enough time and using time wisely, juggling time between work, family, church, school and other activities time is something no one can afford to waste.   So are you wasting your weekends doing your own yard cleanup? 

After working all week do you want to spend your weekend cleaning up your dog’s business?  Wouldn’t you rather leave this job to someone else? Sergeant Scooper will come and take this nasty job off your to-do list. 

There is no good use for animal waste, it isn’t safe to use as compost or fertilizer and pet waste is a major source of pollution in our lakes and streams.  Dog waste contains a wide variety of bacteria and parasites such as E. Coil, and Giardia.  The American Pet Association estimates that there are over 71 million dogs in America producing 4.4 billion pounds of waste per year.  That’s enough to cover 900 football fields with dog-waste 12 inches deep. Sergeant Scooper will clean your yard, remove and properly dispose of your dog’s waste.





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Ask about the many great rescues that we are affiliated with, little dog or big, cat, rabbit or bird, we can offer suggestions and help you figure out what would work best for your family.



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