The Scoop About Poop

Odor Control

  We can remove those awful smells from your deck, outside furniture, posts and sidings that your dogs likes to mess on.  Our treatment is safe for your family and pets, totally organic and non-toxic.  Safe enough to even use on your carpets. Quick drying and no residue left behind.


  Our yard sanitation service eliminates the virus that can make you, your family and your pets sick.

1-800-DOG POOP

  •     Scooping 
  •     WeeklyTwice Weekly(depending on location)
  •     Bi-Monthly
  •     One-Time Clean ups

We all know that dog poo is just plain gross.  However, scientists are studying pet waste in order to find out more about environmental issues and pathogens.  Recently, scientists developed lab techniques to determine the origin of fecal bacteria and how it contaminates water.  One of the new lab techniques is a variant of DNA sequencing.  Scientists can actually identify many of the actual antibiotic resistance microbes.